Motorola C1004CB+ Black DECT Telephone

Motorola C1004CB+ Black DECT Telephone

Key features of Motorola C1004CB+ Black DECT Telephone

• Easy to use wireless DECT telephone
• Bright Backlit Display
• Caller ID
• Hands-free Speakerphone
• 50 Entry Phonebook
• Redial
• Do Not Disturb
• Set of 4, including 4 pcs C1001CB+ wireless DECT telephone

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 91.79€ (Net price: 72.28€)
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Further details of Motorola C1004CB+ Black DECT Telephone

• Bright Backlit Display: Display Make communication clearer with a bright backlit display.
• Caller ID: See who is calling before you answer a call.
• Hands-free Speakerphone: Switch to speakerphone at the touch of a button.
• 50 Entry Phonebook: Store information for up to 50 contacts.
• Redial: Press to open the redial memory
• Do Not Disturb: Swith to Do Not Disturb so your phone wont ring or light up.

The Motorola C1CB+ Series has been designed for those who want a no nonsense cordless telephone, which is easy to use and great value.

The new call blocking technology can block up to 10 specifi c numbers meaning you no longer need to be disturbed by nuisance calls. And for those times when you want some peace and quiet, switch to Do Not Disturb so your phone won’t ring or light up.

With a bright backlit display and an easy guided set-up, the C1CB+ Series is the ideal choice for making your life that little bit easier.

Today, home telephony has evolved significantly, offering increasingly versatile and efficient solutions. Motorola a recognized brand in the world of technology, has recently launched its latest device: the C1001CB+ home phone.

When exploring the various features offered by the C1001CB+ phone, it is important to focus on its premium functionality. However, it is first necessary to highlight other visual aspects. In this device, design and elegance are unparalleled elements that distinguish it from the rest. The C1001CB+ not only brings you an impressive set of advanced features, but also captivates with its sophisticated aesthetics and meticulous design. In addition, it is available in a wide variety of colors to suit all tastes and styles.

Quality residential wireless telephony

The Motorola C1001CB+ provides the freedom to move freely without losing call quality. Thanks to DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) wireless technology DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology, you will enjoy a stable and interference-free connection. you will enjoy a stable and interference-free connection. This will allow you to speak clearly in any corner. Forget about cables and enjoy more flexible communication.

Do not disturb button

The “do not disturb” mode is another important feature of the C1001CB+. If you need a quiet moment or want to avoid calls at specific times, simply activate this function. In this case, the phone will not ring or display visual notifications during the period it is activated. You decide when you want to be available.

Hands-free function

For added convenience during calls, the C1001CB+ has an integrated hands-free (speakerphone) function. This allows you to talk without holding the phone, freeing your hands for other activities while you talk. Ideal for conference calls or when you need to multitask.

Phonebook of 50 contacts

Motorola’ s C1001CB+ residential cell phone also includes a phonebook with the capacity to store up to 50 contacts. With this feature, you will always have your most important contacts at hand. It is ideal for keeping the numbers of family, friends and emergency services at your fingertips.

New call blocking technology

One of the most outstanding features of the C1001CB+ (an upgraded version of its predecessor, the C1001LB+ ) is its advanced call blocking technology. With the increasing number of unwanted calls, this phone offers an effective solution to avoid unnecessary interruptions. You can set up a blacklist with up to 10 unwanted numbers. The phone will automatically block those calls, maintaining your peace of mind and privacy.

Standard Accessories of Motorola C1004CB+ Black DECT Telephone

4 pcs Wall AC Adapter

4 pcs Wall AC Adapter

4 pcs Standard Accessory Telephone Cable

4 pcs Standard Accessory Telephone Cable

4 pcs Desktop Charger for DECT Telephone

4 pcs Desktop Charger for DECT Telephone

Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery AA cells x 8

Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery AA cells x 8