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Looking for a quality, reliable lamp? One you can rely on for perfect lighting conditions and long-lasting reliability? Feel free to browse our range below, where you'll find everything from hand lamps to work lamps, camping lamps and searchlights!

Which lamps are available in our online shop?

Hand lamps

Every household needs a reliable hand lamp to make even ad-hoc electrical work in the dark easy. Our range includes both pencil and battery-powered torches, available in plastic and metal versions. If you want an economical and truly long-lasting lamp, opt for an LED lamp, which can provide up to 50,000 hours of life in addition to its bright light.

Work lamps

You need a quality lamp to do a good job, as an average torch is not nearly enough to see even the smallest screws in the right lighting conditions. With the work lights in our range, you'll no longer have to worry about night-time fitting and tasks that require special lighting. Whether it's car mechanics, washing machine mechanics or small to large hobby projects, if you want to work in a truly professional manner, choose a reliable work light.


A headlamp makes working more comfortable because you can use both hands freely while you work. And thanks to the adjustable angle of tilt, you can create the perfect lighting conditions so that the light falls exactly where you want it to. In addition to the angle of inclination, you can also easily adjust the tightness of the headband, so the lamp is never too tight or too loose.

LED spotlights

Are you looking for a LED reflector with a high enough output for installation? Or are you looking to light up your garden in the evening? Whatever you're after, with the mobile and tripod LED floodlights available from DND's online shop, it's a piece of cake. We have 10W, 20W and 30W models to make sure you get enough light where you want it. And if you want to get the most out of your lighting, choose the ones with double LED spotlights.

Camping lights

Do you enjoy camping but don't have a lantern that will properly illuminate your surroundings when you're camping at night? Camping lanterns are just what you need, and thanks to their magnetic attachment and fold-out hook, they can be easily fixed anywhere. Order a camping lantern today to ensure your next camping night is lit up in glorious light.


Whether you're hiking, hunting, fishing or just doing security work, a searchlight is the professional way to scan the area. These lights come with a non-slip handle to ensure a stable grip even in rainy weather. In addition, one of the handles can be converted into a tripod, which is particularly useful when fishing, for example, when you need both hands to use the rod.

Choose from our range of lights above and get the perfect one for your needs today for efficient lighting!