Hytera HR655H UHF Analogue/Digital Repeater

Hytera HR655H UHF Analogue/Digital Repeater

Key features of Hytera HR655H UHF Analogue/Digital Repeater

• Programmable between 400-470MHz
• 1024 channel memory
• Designed to extend the communication range of DMR radios
• 1-25 W (high power version)
• 100% continuous operation even at the highest output power
• AC power and battery operation
• Easy operation, LED displays
• Automatic recognition between analogue and digital modes
• Can operate on AC power or optional battery, so can continue to operate in the event of a power failure
• Over-the-air encryption
• IP54 dust and water resistance

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 2,499.75€ (Net price: 1,968.31€)
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Further details of Hytera HR655H UHF Analogue/Digital Repeater

• E2E basic encryption, including ARC4
• With fan
• E2E advanced encryption AES128, AES256 (optional licence)
• Digital IP connect (optional license)
• Telemetry (to be added in R2.5)
• Scrambler
• Squelch
• Analog IP multi-site connect (optional license)
• MIL-STD-810 G compliant

Innovative structural design gives the HR655 an unprecedented appearance and lightweight performance. Thanks to its compact body and built-in duplexer, the HR655 is highly space-efficient. With customised installation accessories, flexible installation can be achieved in locations where space is a challenge. On-site installation is possible as long as there is a wall or flat surface. For indoor coverage, the HR655's super-thin size minimises site requirements and provides reliable voice and data communications and unlimited connectivity on all floors, which is key to achieving business success.

From a two or multi-channel, single-site, traditional DMR system for low-rise buildings to a two or multi-channel, traditional DMR system for high-rise buildings to an IP Multi-site system for high-rise buildings, the HR655 delivers a strong and stable signal to every corner of your workspace. It can also be interconnected with other Hytera repeaters to build a customized network to meet your changing needs.

The HR655 is designed to run on AC power or optional battery power, so it can continue to operate in the event of a power outage. When connected to an AC power supply, the battery acts as a backup. In the event of an outage, the 12.5 Ah battery is ready to power the HR655 for up to nine hours as a backup. This power backup solution reduces the capital investment and maintenance required to add UPS power supplies.

The HR655 can operate in analog mode, DMR mode or dynamic mixed digital/analog mode, which automatically switches between analog and digital modes based on the received call. The HR655 can ensure that the original analogue radio remains connected to the DMR network, protecting your investment in the old system as much as possible.

Thanks to the XNMS (Extended Network Management System), you can monitor the operational status and alarms of the HR655 in real time, remotely, or update the configuration in minutes. This significantly reduces the time and resources required to maintain different repeaters located in different locations.

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