Emos Insulating Tape 19mm/20m mix F61999

Emos Insulating Tape 19mm/20m mix F61999
Emos Insulating Tape 19mm/20m mix F61999Emos Insulating Tape 19mm/20m mix F61999Emos Insulating Tape 19mm/20m mix F61999

Key features of Emos Insulating Tape 19mm/20m mix F61999

鈥 Professional electrical insulating tape made of annealed PVC for standard use in low voltage wiring over a wide temperature range.
鈥 Tape type: PVC
鈥 Tape width: 19 mm
鈥 Length of reel: 20 m
鈥 Tape thickness: 0,13 mm
鈥 Colour: different colours
鈥 Maximum elongation: 125 %
鈥 Complies with ROHS and REACH directives
鈥 Adhesive: rubber
鈥 UV-resistant
鈥 Recommended application: cable insulation
鈥 Waterproof connection
鈥 Flame retardancy test less than 1 second
鈥 Dimensions: 70 脳 200 mm
鈥 Mixed packed with 10

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 6.91鈧 (Net price: 5.44鈧)
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Further details of Emos Insulating Tape 19mm/20m mix F61999

鈥 Minimum dielectric (breakdown) strength: 40 kV/mm
鈥 Minimum dielectric (breakdown) strength after wetting: 35 kV/mm
鈥 Tensile strength: 150 N/10 mm
鈥 Adhesion to steel - minimum: 1,8 N/10 mm
鈥 Adhesion to material: 1,5 N/10 mm

Are you an electrician, plumber or craftsman looking for a reliable helper? The professional electrical tape is perfect for insulating insulation or marking individual electrical wires!

The insulating electrical tape is 20 m long, 19 mm wide and is made of plastic annealed PVC.

The rubber adhesive provides strong grip and adhesion. Thanks to its wide choice of <>colours - red, blue, brown, tan, green, yellow, black, white and yellowish green - the tape will be clearly visible on cables and difficult to miss. The electrical insulation tape guarantees safety in your home or office!

Safety at home and in the office
Resistant to water, moisture or UV radiation. All this is guaranteed by the F61999 tape, which can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its easy handling.

Strong and durable, the tape stands out for its high flexibility and strong adhesion at low temperatures thanks to its rubber adhesive.

Perfect insulation
The flexible F61999 PVC electrical tape is certified to the relevant standards, making it easy to use.

A choice of colours for the different versions in the range ensures perfect marking of each electrical cable. The tape can also be used as a topcoat over the already applied vulcanising tape when insulating wires.

It prevents unwanted contact between several wires or possible water ingress. This tape perfectly protects the joint and ensures perfect insulation!