Dometic EPS 100 Mains Adapter for 24V Appliances (discontinued)

Dometic EPS 100 Mains Adapter for 24V Appliances

Key features of Dometic EPS 100 Mains Adapter for 24V Appliances

鈥 Connects 24 V DC cooling boxes to the mains power socket
鈥 Works well anywhere in the world
鈥 Suitable for fixed installation
鈥 With mains priority circuit for 12 or 24 V batteries
鈥 Input voltage (AC) 230 V
鈥 Output voltage 24 V
鈥 Output current 4.00 A
鈥 Input frequency 50/60 Hz
鈥 IP class IP20
鈥 Dimensions: 185 mm (D) x 65 mm (H) x 115 mm (W)
鈥 Net weight 0.70 kg

This product is not available.
Possible reasons that the product is not available from the manufacturer anymore or we decided to remove it from our product portfolio. We gladly help you to find the best optional product instead of this type, please contact us.

Further details of Dometic EPS 100 Mains Adapter for 24V Appliances

鈥 Energy efficiency 鈮87 %
鈥 Continuous power 25掳C 75.00 W
鈥 Operating temperature min 0.00 掳C
鈥 Operating temperature max 100.00 掳C

This inexpensive mains adapter can be used for connecting 24 V cooling appliances to 110鈥240 V mains power sockets. It is ideal if your cooling box has no AC connection, but you want to run it outside the vehicle: at home, in hotels, at campsites, or in holiday homes.

Do you want to use your 24 V cooling appliance in a hotel room, holiday home, or at the campsite? To simply run it from a mains power socket: all you have to do is connect the Dometic CoolPower EPS 100 mains adapter! Ready for connection to 110鈥240 V, it will work a treat with any mains system in the world. The adapter can be connected to 12 V or 24 V batteries as well 鈥 the integrated mains priority circuit then automatically sets the best power source available. Even if only a 12 V system is available, 24 V devices can be connected, which can also be operated with 12 V. The EPS adapter is prepared for permanemt installation.