Children Hearing Protection Earmuffs

As children's hearing is very sensitive, we need to protect it properly. We must ensure that they are not exposed to excessive sound levels and that this does not cause irreparable hearing loss. How can we protect our children's hearing? Firstly, we do not allow them to use headphones that can be inserted into the ears, because these devices transmit sound directly into the ear canal. Read more...

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• Comfortable and effective hearing protection designed for younger wearers above 5 years.
• Neon pink is highly visible and increases safety
• Improved comfort and wearability with soft wide cushions helping to reduce pressure and heat build-up
• Low profile cup and unique low profile headband design
• Lightweight and low pressure fit
• Reusable and easy to keep clean with replaceable cushions and inserts
• Reduces the noise level by up to 27dB

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1 products in total, page 1: 1 - 1 / 11

The other important thing is to put hearing protectors on your child's ears in places where noise exposure is higher. But if your child is wearing headphones, don't let him or her listen to music louder than 85 dB.

What age group are children's hearing protectors recommended for?

There are manufacturers who make children's hearing protectors for children as young as 1 year old, but for young children, earmuffs are recommended from the age of 3 years.

The DND webshop still recommends buying ear defenders for children as young as 5 or 6 years old. After all, the aim is to preserve health.

What types of noise do children's hearing protectors protect against?

If you want to take your child to a car race or any other event with loud music, make sure you put hearing protectors on their ears. Because the volume of a concert can often be around 115 dB. Therefore, children should always wear hearing protection at such festivals. If your child's ears are exposed to sound levels of around 85 decibels or more for a prolonged period of time, your child's hearing could be damaged.

But it's not just at events that we need to be aware of the possibility of our child's hearing being exposed to more noise, it can also happen at home. For example, the sound of a lawnmower engine can be harmful if it is left on for long periods of time. But we should also be aware that if, for example, our child is listening to loud music with a decibel level of up to 120 on headphones in the home, this can also cause significant damage to their hearing.

How to clean and maintain your child's ears?

Ear swabs can be used not only to clean the ears, but also to clean the inside of hearing protectors. After all, your child's ears sweat too. However, do not use a lot of water or detergents when cleaning. If necessary, use a damp cloth to clean the ear cords, as well as the Jack connector and the ear defenders' pads. However, allow the pads to dry completely before reattaching them to the hearing protectors. At what noise level is it recommended to use children's hearing protectors?

Remember, it is not the duration of wearing headphones that is important, but the volume. Experts say that sound levels below 80 decibels will not cause permanent damage in children. However, where children are exposed to noise levels above this, the use of earmuffs is strongly recommended. But don't give your child hearing protection unnecessarily, as it will block out ambient noise. This can mean that your child can no longer hear sources of danger, for example, and may not notice cars and bicycles in traffic.

How to adjust the size of ear muffs to your child's head?

Comfortable earmuffs for children have soft, adjustable ear cushions and headbands that can be adjusted to fit your child's head with a sliding strap. This way we can adjust the earmuffs to your child's head size without any problem. In addition, the fluffy-soft padding helps relieve pressure on the head or ears and the size adjustment allows the hearing protector to grow with your child. Before buying the earmuffs, all you need to do is make sure that the ear muffs fit your child's head and ears well, even in the smallest size, so that you can easily adjust them to fit larger ears over time.

As a parent, what else should you look out for when buying hearing protectors for children?

Choose a hearing protector for your child with a low profile cup and a unique low profile headband design. What's more, if you choose a colour such as an earflap that is his favourite colour, he'll be even happier to wear this useful device.

The earmuffs available in the DND Telecom webshop have replaceable pads, which makes it easier to clean your child's earmuffs. What's more, if the cushion is damaged, you don't have to throw away the whole device, just replace the cushion.