Children Hearing Protection Earmuffs

Children's ears are particularly sensitive to noise. They can be exposed to harmful sounds at a children's concert, at a sports event, during fireworks, or even in the school playground. These sound levels can exceed 85 dB, which can have a damaging effect on hearing. It would of course be desirable to avoid these noise nuisances, but this is not always possible. For such cases, we offer reliable, high-quality children's hearing protectors. Read more...

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• Comfortable and effective hearing protection designed for younger wearers above 5 years.
• Neon pink is highly visible and increases safety
• Improved comfort and wearability with soft wide cushions helping to reduce pressure and heat build-up
• Low profile cup and unique low profile headband design
• Lightweight and low pressure fit
• Reusable and easy to keep clean with replaceable cushions and inserts
• Reduces the noise level by up to 27dB

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 37.95€ (Net price: 29.88€)
1 products in total, page 1: 1 - 1 / 11
These children's earplugs not only prevent hearing loss, but also attenuate harmful environmental noise, making it quieter. Harmful sound effects can easily overwhelm children, reducing concentration. Other benefits of children's hearing protection earplugs are that they help with hypersensitivity to noise, reduce pressure in the ears when flying and last but not least, reduce stress caused by harmful noise pollution.

Children's earmuffs can be fitted from a very young age. For older children, the use of hearing protectors helps them to concentrate, making learning easier.

Children with autism often have more sensitive vision and hearing than average. This makes them sensitive to environmental sounds that a person with normal hearing would not notice. Therefore, in certain situations, children's hearing protectors can be the perfect solution for them, as they attenuate environmental noise and provide a feeling of comfort.

Features of children's hearing protection earmuffs

Children's hearing protectors are designed and developed specifically for children. Not only have they been sized to fit younger children, but there is also a choice of fashionable, bright colours.

The outer shell of the earmolds is plastic, the metal parts are made of stainless steel. The low profile, small size of the earmuffs ensures constant comfort even after long periods of wear thanks to the wide sealing ring (a combination of liquid and foam in the case of 3M Peltor products). The children's hearing protection earmuffs are only available in a headband version. The headband is adjustable and free of protrusions for safe wearing. The flat shape of the headband ensures a constant but gentle pressure fit.

Children's hearing protectors meet the same standards of comfort and quality as industrial and professional hearing protectors for professional use.

The children's earmuffs can be used repeatedly. The interchangeable pads and inserts provide optimum insulation. The relatively large space under the ear cups minimizes heat build-up and sweating.

The sound insulation value of the children's ears is typically around 25-27 dB. The children's ears comply with the European standard 89/686 and are CE marked.

Children's hearing protectors should be cleaned with lukewarm, soapy water. Do not use organic solvents or alcohol.

3M Peltor children's hearing protectors

3M Peltor Kid earmuffs are specifically designed to protect children's hearing. The attractive, brightly coloured hearing protectors are only available in headband versions. These products are specifically designed for younger wearers, including children, to protect them from moderate noise levels in everyday situations such as social and recreational activities.

Available in high visibility neon pink and neon green, as well as bright red and blue, Peltor Kid earmuffs are designed specifically for smaller heads, while performing to the same rigorous standards as many of our "adult" hearing protectors for which 3M Peltor has become world renowned in the industry and beyond. Children's hearing protectors provide constant comfort even when worn for long periods of time. The headsets are designed without smooth protruding parts.