Antenna Connector

An antenna connector that is fit for purpose and meets the technical requirements is essential to ensure a sufficiently fast, smooth and continuous transmission of information.

DND Telecom Center offers a wide range of antenna connector versions, all of which are available in reliable design and impeccable quality.

Essential information for choosing the right antenna connector

It is easy to see how many different antenna connector versions are available within the site. To give you a few examples, we have UHF amphenol, N, BNC, SMA or TNC antenna connector types, among others.

For the search and selection it is important to distinguish between the specific parameters of each variant. As an example, antenna connectors with a 50 ohm connector to 75 ohm should be used with special attention to the availability of RF cables. Although 50 and 75 ohm connectors may be physically compatible, they should not be interchanged in the system.

We offer a wide range of 50 ohm RF connectors. BNC, UHF (amphenol), N, SMA, RPSMA, mini UHF, FME, TNC and RPTNC connectors, RF connector adapters and splicers. We also do custom cable manufacturing in small and large quantities.

75 ohm connectors for CCTV video systems, TV and TV antennas. Our range includes TV coax connectors, 75 ohm BNC connectors, F connectors and adapters and splicers. You will find our range of 75 ohm coax cables for connectors in our relevant category.

Applications of the antenna connectors available on this site

There are several industries where the selection, availability and use of the right connectors is a key consideration. Typical examples include aerospace, communications, and asset protection and security.

In other words, industries where data transmission needs to be reliable, fast and accurate. Where there is no margin for error, the use of the right antenna connector is key.

But similarly, the applications of the antenna connectors available on the site could be in the field of medicine, or in the engineering industry, for example. It can therefore be concluded that, although they are devices with specific parameters, their application in a relatively wide range of environments can be considered.

What you need to know about mounting antenna connectors

An important thing to know about the purchase of an antenna connector is that each type may have its own specific mounting method. When purchasing, you may therefore want to check which specific tools may be required for the installation.

Otherwise, it is easy to find the crimping pliers, blancher or any other work tool needed to mount an RF connector or other antenna connector here in the webshop. Simply click on the product category names available on the left-hand side of the page or use the search function at the top of the page.