Triax KOKA 99 HD Plus PE Cable (discontinued)

Triax KOKA 99 HD Plus PE Cable

Key features of Triax KOKA 99 HD Plus PE Cable

鈥 Triax KOKA 99 HD Plus PE premium cable for outdoor installations
鈥 Available as a complete reel (100m) on a drum or cut to size
鈥 Impedance: 75 卤 3 惟
鈥 Inner conductor: 1,02 卤 0,01 mm Cu
鈥 External diameter: 6,9 卤 0,1 mm
鈥 Shielding: Alu/PET/Alu bonded
鈥 Loss:
- 100 MHz: 6,5 dB / 100 m
- 470 MHz: 13,5 dB / 100 m
- 800 MHz: 18,3 dB / 100 m
- 1000 MHz: 20,3 dB / 100 m
鈥 For outdoor use
鈥 Colour: black

This product is not available.
Possible reasons that the product is not available from the manufacturer anymore or we decided to remove it from our product portfolio. We gladly help you to find the best optional product instead of this type, please contact us.

Further details of Triax KOKA 99 HD Plus PE Cable

鈥 Capacitance: 52 卤 2 pF/m
鈥 Minimum bending radius - single/repeat 35/70 mm
鈥 Dielectric - materialPE foam
鈥 Dielectric - size4,57 卤 0,1 mm
鈥 ApplicationIndoor
鈥 Internal DC resistance鈮 21,5 惟/km
鈥 External DC resistance<15 惟/km

CPR-compliant - Fire class Fca according to EN50575 fire standard. The wide frequency range allows transmission of digital signals in both cable TV networks, satellite dish systems and terrestrial dish systems.

This cable is designed with a bare copper (Cu) centre conductor, which provides high performance even over long distances. Thanks to the gas injection foam, which is much better than chemical foam, the copper conductor transmits signals without high loss. The high shielding class A means less problems with interference from external electronic devices, ensuring a clear TV picture.

Suitable for
鈥 F-compress 5/7 Triax Nitin
鈥 F-compression connector CX3 4.9 SC short, box of 100
鈥 F-compression connector CX3 7.0 QM (Quick-mount) with O-ring, box of 50
鈥 F compression fitting EX 6-49/83
鈥 F compression fitting F56-CX3-5.1, box of 100
鈥 F-crimp connector F56-ALM 5.1/8.4, box of 100
鈥 F-Self-install connector F56-5.1 blue, 100 boxes
鈥 F-screw on connector FFV 201 脴 6,7-6,8, 50 pcs.
鈥 F-bolt on SFC 045 connector
鈥 F-bolt on SFC 070 connector
鈥 IEC - Self-assembly plug 56/5.1, angled, nut
鈥 IEC - Self-assembly plug 56/5.1, angle, female
鈥 IEC - Self-assembly plug 56/5.1, straight, female
鈥 IEC - Self-assembly plug 56/5.1, straight, male
鈥 IECF 90
鈥 IECM DR - Self-assembly 5.1
鈥 KOK 3 IEC coaxial plug, female
鈥 KOKWI 3 IEC coaxial plug, oblique, female
鈥 KOS 3 IEC coaxial plug, male
鈥 KOSWI 3 IEC coaxial plug, angled, male
鈥 F compression connector EX 6-49 NT Plus