SSB Seatex 10 Low-Loss Coaxial Cable (RG-58)

SSB Seatex 10 Low-Loss Coaxial Cable (RG-58)

Key features of SSB Seatex 10 Low-Loss Coaxial Cable (RG-58)

• Komplett tekercsként (100m), vagy méretre vágva vásárolható
• Impedancia: 50 Ohm
• Belső ér: 2,85 mm réz sodrony (OFC, 7 x 1,0 mm)
• Külső kábel átmérő: 10,2 mm
• Árnyékolás: réz fólia + réz szövet
• Veszteségi adatok:
- 10 MHz: 1,2 dB / 100 m
- 100 MHz: 4,0 dB / 100 m
- 200 MHz: 5,8 dB / 100 m
- 432 MHz: 8,9 dB / 100 m
- 500 MHz: 9,6 dB / 100 m
- 800 MHz: 12,5 dB / 100 m
• Szín: fekete
• Külső és belső méreteiben a H-1000-es kábellel egyenértékű
• Gyártói cikkszám: 60800

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 11.56€ (Net price: 9.10€)
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Further details of SSB Seatex 10 Low-Loss Coaxial Cable (RG-58)

SeaTex 10 is a low-loss, halogen-free, highly flexible communication coaxial cable specially designed for marine and offshore applications. It holds the worldwide SHF shipbuilding approval (DNV certificate) and is suitable for deployment on ships, oil platforms, drilling rigs, and wind turbines.

The outer jacket of SeaTex 10 is made of a special thermoplastic copolymer (SHF2), providing the cable with high resistance to heat, cold, oils, saltwater, UV radiation, and weather conditions, ensuring a long lifespan in harsh environments.

Based on the proven Ecoflex 10, SeaTex 10 features excellent attenuation values, and its flexibility and small bending radius allow for installation in tight spaces. Therefore, SeaTex 10 combines the advantages of Ecoflex coaxial cables with the requirements of maritime applications. The product is specified up to 6 GHz and can be used in a temperature range of -55 to 85°C