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If you like to go on trips but would rather use your own sanitary facilities, choose a comfortable caravan toilet. It's definitely a noticeable increase in comfort, which also greatly enhances our well-being. If you decide to buy a portable toilet, you can also choose a cassette version. This toilet can be flushed with water. In contrast, mobile toilets with dry technology are more environmentally friendly and cheaper, but have a more intense smell. That's because with dry toilets, the waste is composted immediately after we're done or collected in so-called toilet bags. Read more...

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What type of RV Toilet should we choose for our caravan and which one is best for us?

If you want to buy a portable toilet, you first need to clarify which type of trip you want to make. If you want a mobile toilet for your caravan, as mentioned above, there are two options to choose from. When buying, make sure that you choose a model that is lightweight, as this will not add to the overall weight of your motorhome. If you opt for a cassette toilet, you should check that the model you choose has a large waste tank.

Why is this important? Because it saves you from having to empty it all the time. The built-in level indicator is also handy to prevent overflow. On a portable toilet, there should be a section under the waste tank that makes it easy to transport to the landfill station. But you can also opt for a caravan toilet that has a liquid-retaining gel insert for dry technology.

What water supply and waste water treatment systems are available for RV Toilet?

Mobile cassette toilets work on the principle of the bottle siphon. They use two different liquids. One cleans and disinfects the bowl, the other contains the bacteria that break down the faecal sludge. The siphon prevents unpleasant smelling gases from escaping back into the room. In most cases, this type of toilet has a built-in piston pump. This can be easily connected to the waste tank and taken to the waste collection station, where it can be emptied quickly and efficiently.

The dry toilet is also called a composting toilet and works without flushing water. In this type of trailer toilet, the waste is tied up in a collection container using natural materials such as sand, shavings or bark and then composted by natural fermentation. This means that dry toilets are significantly more environmentally friendly than cassette toilets. The only disadvantage is that they are smelly. A small fan can help with this.

What is the difference between a traditional home toilet and a RV Toilet?

There is no difference in their use, as many caravan toilets also have push-button technology, and these types of toilets also come with full-size seats. They are just as easy and comfortable to use as sitting on a conventional toilet in the home.

What kind of toilet paper should I use for my cRV Toilet?

If you're going camping, don't take the usual, conventional toilet paper with you. It's better to use special toilet paper designed specifically for mobile toilets. It dissolves more easily than ordinary toilet paper at home.

How much space does a RV Toilet take up and is there any way to save space?

These portable toilets are designed by manufacturers to take up little space. They are also ergonomically designed. They usually weigh no more than five kilos.

What should we take care of when disposing of the contents of the RV Toilet?

If the fill level indicator on your chemical or cassette toilet lights up red, it's time to empty its waste tank. The waste tanks of these portable toilets are often on castors, so you can easily take them to the container. These types of containers can be found not only at campsites, but also at sewage treatment plants and petrol stations.

They are either connected directly to the sewerage system or emptied regularly. However, one thing to be very careful of is never to empty the waste tank of your portable toilet into the countryside, as the contents can end up in groundwater. What size of water tank should we buy for a mobile home toilet? One that can hold around 100-120 litres of clean water, but be careful with this.

Fill the tank with a minimum of 20 litres at the most before you set off, so that the water does not slosh around too much and you do not put unnecessary strain on a caravan that already weighs several tonnes when empty. The total weight should not exceed 3.5 tonnes, and this is checked quite often abroad.

When camping, various conveniences are becoming increasingly available. Be it the caravan toilet. In addition to a greater sense of comfort, we can be even more independent of our surroundings, so we can stand in places where there is no separate toilet. Take a look at our range of caravan toilets.