Motorola HKVN4108A DR 3000 Linked Capacity Plus - Full Licence Key

Motorola HKVN4108A DR 3000 Linked Capacity Plus - Full Licence Key

• This orders the Licence key to activate the Linked Capacity Plus feature in a DR 3000 repeater where the Capacity Plus feature has not previously been activated
• Linked Capacity Plus provides a multisite trunking configuration for up to 15 sites and 24 channels (i.e. 12 repeaters*) per site with a maximum of 16 Trunked channels (i.e. 8 Trunked repeaters*) / 22 Data Revert channels (i.e. 11 Data Revert repeaters*) per site
• All Trunked and Data Revert repeaters in a Linked Capacity Plus system need to have the Linked Capacity Plus feature activated using the CPS and this requires the purchase of a separate license key for each repeater*
• IMPORTANT NOTE: This FULL Linked Capacity Plus licence DOES NOT support Capacity Plus channels, so if a repeater needs also to support Capacity Plus channels then a Capacity Plus and Incremental Linked Capacity Plus licence combination should be purchased instead
• *Note: Excludes Digital Voting Satellite Receivers

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 1,522.71€ (Net price: 1,198.98€)
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