Kiyo D Ultimate AP 4 Active Laser Traffipax Protection Product (discontinued)

Kiyo  D Ultimate AP 4 Active Laser Traffipax Protection Product
Kiyo  D Ultimate AP 4 Active Laser Traffipax Protection ProductKiyo  D Ultimate AP 4 Active Laser Traffipax Protection ProductKiyo  D Ultimate AP 4 Active Laser Traffipax Protection Product
Kiyo  D Ultimate AP 4 Active Laser Traffipax Protection Product
Kiyo  D Ultimate AP 4 Active Laser Traffipax Protection Product
Kiyo  D Ultimate AP 4 Active Laser Traffipax Protection Product
Kiyo  D Ultimate AP 4 Active Laser Traffipax Protection Product

Key features of Kiyo D Ultimate AP 4 Active Laser Traffipax Protection Product

鈥 Laser blocking
鈥 4 number plate with sensor in frame for front or rear laser protection
鈥 A Hungarian-made laser blocker offering extreme protection, with 2 sensors in the license plate frame, capable of providing front or rear laser protection for a standard size car
鈥 Not a complete system, it does not predict installed or radar measurements
鈥 Detailed package content: 1 central unit, 4 AP sensors, 1 special license plate frame, 1 special hiding perspex sheet, USB pendrive + USB extension cable, central wiring harness, NKH type approval card

This product is not available.
Possible reasons that the product is not available from the manufacturer anymore or we decided to remove it from our product portfolio. We gladly help you to find the best optional product instead of this type, please contact us.

Further details of Kiyo D Ultimate AP 4 Active Laser Traffipax Protection Product

Improved complete traffipax protection has arrived

KIYO ULTIMATE Advanced Protection
Exceptional performance, 2.5x more effective protection

One thing matters to our customers:

"I want the right protection against all speed cameras, in one product!"

The KIYO ULTIMATE AP complete traffic light protection solution does exactly that: protection against laser speed cameras, section meters, fixed speed cameras, mobile radar speed cameras. Simply put, against all currently known speed measurement methods. The KIYO ULTIMATE AP is a complete traffic camera protection system, specially developed for the Hungarian market by Hungarian designers in accordance with Hungarian legislation, all in one product!

The only complete traffic camera protection solution

KIYO ULTIMATE AP is aesthetically pleasing, concealed, easy to understand with English language alerts, simple to use and time-proof with upgradability.

The KIYO D Ultimate AP is compatible with the following meters:

  • Custom LaserCam
  • Custom Redflex
  • Custom ProLaser II (fw 5.10)
  • Custom ProLaser II (fw 5.12)
  • VHT FamaLaser II
  • Custom ProLaser III
  • Custom FamaShot III
  • Custom PL-DOK I
  • VHT FamaLaser III
  • Custom Prolite
  • Custom Prolite +
  • Custom ProLaser 4
  • NJL SCS 101
  • NJL SCS 102
  • NJL SCS 103
  • LTI 20.20 Ultralyte 100 LR (rev. 1)
  • LTI 20.20 Ultralyte 200 LR (rev. 1)
  • LTI 20.20 Ultralyte 100 LR (rev. 2)
  • LTI 20.20 Ultralyte 200 LR (rev. 2)
  • LTI 20.20 Ultralyte Compact
  • LTI 20.20 Marksman
  • LTI 20.20 TruSpeed EU
  • LTI 20.20 TruSpeed US
  • LTI 20.20 TruSpeed EU VPR
  • LTI 20.20 TruSpeed S
  • ARH CAM-S1
  • Jenoptik Laveg (EU)
  • Jenoptik LaserPatrol (EU)
  • Laser Atlanta (Stealth mode)
  • Laser Atlanta (Normal mode)
  • Applied Concepts Stalker LZ-1
  • Riegl LR 90-235 (EU)
  • Riegl FG21-P
  • DragonEye Technology D igital Ally Laser Ally
  • DragonEye Technology Digital Ally Laser Ally Compact

Innovative technology, enhanced protection

Market-leading KIYO products have long been popular with consumers. Further refining the proven KIYO ULTIMATE system, our new product introduced in 2019:

2.5 x greater extreme protection efficiency!

What is the reason for this huge result?

  • Developments down to the smallest component
  • Series of comprehensive tests

Protection against laser speedometers

Laser sensors built into a simple and aesthetically pleasing, almost invisible license plate frame continuously monitor the signal of laser-based speedometers, which are almost exclusively mobile devices and can therefore be found anywhere. When the speed sensor detects a speed measurement, the active signalling devices can hold back the speed data of the measuring device for a few seconds, so that the speed of the vehicle can be corrected if necessary.

In addition to the 365 installed checkpoints in the V脡DA camera network, 160 mobile laser speed cameras, known as "speed cameras", are also available. ARH CAM-S1 devices can be found in any part of the country, whether trickily hidden, on an overpass, in a police car or in a civilian car. The system can also record other traffic offences besides speeding.

Active protection even against moving traffic cameras!

The mobile police speed measurement method, which has been put back into service, is based on the idea that the driver in traffic cannot know that a police car is behind him (or even coming from the opposite direction), so the speed of the car is measured without being noticed. According to a police statement in May 2018, there are 20 unmarked police cars on the roads, but the number will be increased if necessary.

Protection against installed traffipaxes

The KIYO ULTIMATE AP predicts installed traffipaxes with a spoken voice in Hungarian, and GPS technology helps to minimise false radar and laser alerts.

The V脡DA camera network of installed checkpoints (365 cameras nationwide) is also used to automatically record other road traffic offences in addition to speeding.

Installed checkpoints can be effectively and timely predicted up to 750 metres in advance of the gates using legally usable coordinate-based traffic camera protection systems such as KIYO ULTIMATE AP. Installed traffic cameras cannot be blocked, so in all cases, slow down and pass under the gate at the speed limit.

KIYO ULTIMATE AP complete traffipax protection

  • Made in Hungary, warnings in Hungarian
  • Extra protection against ARH CAM-S1 and FAME III used in Hungary alongside most European speed cameras
  • Signalling of installed speedometers (e.g.: V脡DA gates, average speed zones)
  • Prediction of other dangerous points (e.g.: red light camera, dangerous intersection, HU-GO gates, etc...
  • Free update of complete Europe database and software
  • High performance sensors that can be hidden in the license plate frame
  • The device can be installed almost invisibly
  • Parking assist, Laser detector, Active, Passive mode
  • Selectable alarm distance
  • Parking assistance device with type approval certificate and plastic card

Easily upgradeable central unit

The central unit of the active laser beacon with V5.1 hardware can be set up and updated by computer, eliminating the need to remove and return the central unit. A USB cable and a USB flash drive are included in the package.

The active laser beacon can operate in two modes: active mode / passive mode (detector and parking assist function). Mode switching is provided by a 3-position switch. The panic switch can be used to deactivate the device, allowing it to be used as a parking assistant only in the future.

Laser sensors for installation in a dashboard frame: for active signalling of the ARH CAM-S1 "tripod" and the F谩ma III laser measuring device in a moving car

Increasing efficiency with new AP sensors

Advanced architecture

  • Precise lens with high light gathering power
  • Polycarbonate sensor housing with high hardness
  • Special shading to reduce daylight interference sensitivity
  • Best quality OSRAM laser diode
  • +40 components thanks to in-house manufactured sensor: fast and precise analogue signal processing
  • Using thick sensor cables with better conductivity
  • Special double layer waterproof lacquer coating

KIYO GPS U1 for the prediction of WEDDING gates

Predict the location of installed traffipaxes, section meters, red light cameras and other hazards based on a free-updatable GPS database in English. It also integrates elements of a complete system: connected laser and radar modules warn you with a voice tone in Hungarian.

The legal situation of traffic lights

The legislation in force since 1 September 2012, Article 3 (3) of the Highway Code, states:

"It is prohibited to prevent, interfere with or influence the result of a road traffic control, NOT including the use of devices to warn of the control"


This means that the use of radar and laser detectors, as well as installed traffipax warning devices, is NOT PROHIBITED. These devices can predict speed measuring devices up to several hundred metres in advance, thus giving the driver the opportunity to correct his/her speed in time. Detectors and warning devices must not under any circumstances obstruct or interfere with official controls and their use is therefore not prohibited by the above legislation.

The laser blockers and radar detectors may remain in the car after the above modification of the dress code, and it is PERMITTED to have them in the car, because:

In Hungary, after the entry into force of Government Decree 175/2003 (28.X.2003), radar detectors and laser jammers are NOT included in the category of "devices particularly dangerous for public safety"

Official parking assistance equipment

On the basis of the e7 certification (type approval certificate) approved by the Hungarian NKH (National Transport Authority), the device can be officially installed in a vehicle as a parking assistant and used as a parking assistant in any country in Europe. A plastic type-approval card is included in the package so that it can be presented if required.

Software setup and update

Operational settings and firmware updates for the active laser beacon are made using a computer and a thumb drive. The GPS central unit contains a complete Europe database that can be updated free of charge. It is very important that you always use the latest software and database, otherwise we cannot ensure that our customers are always informed of the position of the traffic police that are hunting for them in time and with up-to-date information.

We cannot expect you to check our website every week to see whether or not there have been any changes, so if new traffipaxes are released, new software is added to your product, we will notify you by email or phone as soon as possible and help you to make the necessary update. All you need to do is register your device on the manufacturer's website:

A computer software to update and set the active laser beacon and update the GPS installed traffipax beacon is available after registration.

The manufacturer and distributor shall not be liable for any penalties, damages or any other detriment of any kind resulting from exceeding the speed limit and/or from the use of the device or from its improper installation. The device is not intended to promote speeding but to prevent the consequences of accidental speeding. Always observe the speed limits and drive according to visibility and road conditions. The radar detector and the laser blocker are not infallible tools. Situations may arise where it gives late or no signals due to certain external conditions. The reason for this is not due to a malfunction of the device, but to a law of physics. The blocking effect of laser blockers is usually most effective within a distance of 150 to 2,000 metres from the measuring device.