Alfatronix AD MT CM Desktop Power Supply

Alfatronix AD MT CM Desktop Power Supply

Key features of Alfatronix AD MT CM Desktop Power Supply

• Input voltage range: 85-135Vac; 170-265Vac (47-440Hz)
• Output voltage: 13.6Vdc (+/-4%)
• Maximum current: 108W; 9A (continuous)
• Designed especially for Motorola CM series mobile radios
• Compatible radios: CM 140, CM 160, CM 340, CM 360
• Power conversion efficiency: typically 85%
• Life time warranty

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 181.95€ (Net price: 143.27€)
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Further details of Alfatronix AD MT CM Desktop Power Supply

• Available in more than 18 varieties for numerous manufacturers. (Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Tait, Yaesu / Vertex, Maxon, Universal, Nokia EADS, Novel, Hytera)
• The Desktop Power Supplies, popularly called the “Wedge” due to its distinctive ergonomically friendly shape, offer a convenient way to convert 12Vdc mobile radio transceivers for use as desktop base stations.  They will operate from AC supplies, either 115V or 230V without manual adjustment.  The continuous rating is 108W (9A), sufficient for most radio transceivers on the market.
• The product has a built in battery back up facility which will allow the supply to continuously trickle charge a battery which will automatically power the transceiver in the event of a mains supply cut.
• For a complete system, order our fully compatible battery back up box – P/N AD BBB (to include a 7Ah battery) or AD BBB NB (excluding the battery).
• The wedge gets its name from its unique shape which is designed to angle the radio towards the user for ease of operation. A microphone clip is supplied for each side of the radio (except universal units) for either left or right handed operators. A Green LED indicates when the output from the unit is supplied from the mains.  If a battery back up has been fitted, and the mains supply should fail, a yellow LED will light, indicating that the output is supplied from the back up battery providing the operator with reassurance of the status of the equipment.
• Mechanical interlocking fixing system (3M “Dual Lock”) to fix the transceiver securely to the power supply (only for universal unit)
• AD Series power supplies can also be fitted with DIN rail clips for rack mounted applications
• The desktop units are supplied with endplates configured to fit with your radio

Technical Data:

• Input voltage range: Auto-Select, 85-135 Vac and 170-265 Vac, 47-440 Hz
• Output voltage options: 13.6 Vdc. Worst case limits are +/- 4% 
• Output noise: <50mV pk-pk at continuous load 
• Power Conversion Efficiency: Typically 85% 
• Isolation between input and case/output: 1.5kVac/3.0kVac rms 
• Isolation casework to ground: Connected directly to mains input ground 
• Normal operating temperature: -25°C to +30°C to meet this specification table; +30°C to +70°C de-rate linearly to 0A 
• Storage temperature: -25°C to +100°C
• Max case temperature: 70°C at full load with 25°C ambient
• Operating humidity: 95% max, non-condensing
• Casework: Anodized aluminium 
• Connections:
- Input: IEC-320 C14 socket, C13 terminated cordset
- Output: 6.3mm push-on  blade terminals
- Ground: Stud with crimp eyelet, adjacent to input
• Output indicator: Green LED adjacent to output terminals 
• Mounting Method: Rubber feet. DIN rail clips available as a special order 
• Safe area protection:
- Over current: Limited by current sensing circuit
- Over heat: Limited by temperature sensing circuit
- Output over voltage: Protected by independent shut down circuit
- Transients: Protected by filters and rugged components
- Catastrophic failure: Protected by input and output fuses 
• Approvals: 2004/108/EC The general EMC directive; 2006/95/EC The low voltage directive; 93/68/EEC The CE marking directive 
• Tested to: EN50081-1, EN50082-1, EN55014-1, EN61000-3-3, EN60950, EN60945, UL1950, CSA950-95, FCC Class ``B´´, VDE0805 
• Markings: CE

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