ACT iCHARGE i25 Single Bay Conditioning In-Vehicle Charger (discontinued)

ACT iCHARGE i25 Single Bay Conditioning In-Vehicle Charger

Key features of ACT iCHARGE i25 Single Bay Conditioning In-Vehicle Charger

• 12 or 24 VDC power supply
• Multiply battery life by using it
• Extend battery life by continuous use
• Special charging technology
• Interchangeable adapters for different batteries
• User-friendly handling
• No memory effect with use
• Conditioning for each charge cycle
• Battery can be left in for long periods
• The price includes the charging adapter!

This product is not available.
Possible reasons that the product is not available from the manufacturer anymore or we decided to remove it from our product portfolio. We gladly help you to find the best optional product instead of this type, please contact us.

Further details of ACT iCHARGE i25 Single Bay Conditioning In-Vehicle Charger

the development of battery charging technologies. The manufacturer's ICharge product line is used around the world by police, fire, state and federal agencies and all branches of the U.S. military. All members of the ICharge product line use the proprietary DEW (Dynamic Electrochemical Wavelength) charging process. This technology provides a charging process that dynamically changes with each charge based on the battery condition. More information on DEW charging technology can be found in English at the link below. The patented charging process provides you with the following benefits:

Fast and user-friendly charging. The average charging time for a 1200mAh battery is approximately 30 minutes.

Significant increase in battery life. With each charge cycle, the batteries also undergo a special conditioning process that dramatically increases the time you can keep your battery in operation.

Universal battery charger.
The charger works with NiCd, NiMH and Li-ion batteries. (Charging cartridges must be ordered according to the battery chemistry.)

Double or even triple the lifetime increase.
Thanks to the charging technology, the battery memory effect is eliminated and the battery does not heat up during charging.

Interchangeable adapters. As you evolve your radio set, the types of batteries you use are likely to change. With ICharge products, you can easily change your charger cartridges, saving yourself the hassle of buying a new charger. In practice, this means that if you buy an ICharge charger, it is likely to be the last battery charger you ever buy, as you can change the adapters to change a wide range of battery types.

Please ask your sales representative about the adapters available for your charger. The price on this page includes the adapter for the charger.