3M Peltor DC2812 DECT-Com II Base/Portable Intercom Unit (discontinued)

3M Peltor DC2812 DECT-Com II Base/Portable Intercom Unit

Key features of 3M Peltor DC2812 DECT-Com II Base/Portable Intercom Unit

• Portable unit for use in a DECT-Com II conference with up to 9 simultaneous speakers in full duplex.
• The DECT-Com II conference can also have an additional number of listeners, all with possibility to enter as speakers in the conference, at any time
• Two more separate conference groups on this same base. (Requires software programming.)
• Depending on start up sequence this unit can be used as either base or portable
• Headsets with different types of microphones can be used. A headset can be connected also when this unit is used as a base.
• Full duplex communication, but with “VOX”, for preventing from transmitting background noise to the conference.
• An “all call” function makes it possible to communicate common messages (simplex) to all users in all groups, at the same time
• As a fixed installed base, the unit is normally power supplied in a special holder with AC adapter, but the unit can also be used portable with rechargeable battery pack.

This product is not available.
Possible reasons that the product is not available from the manufacturer anymore or we decided to remove it from our product portfolio. We gladly help you to find the best optional product instead of this type, please contact us.

Further details of 3M Peltor DC2812 DECT-Com II Base/Portable Intercom Unit

• Hands-Free Operation: The DECT-Com II main units provide hands-free, voice-activated duplex communications.
• Duplex Communication: Automatic transmit over-ride functionality is standard for all transmitters. A maximum of nine transceivers can operate in a simultaneous, conference duplex conversation at once.
• Just like talking on the telephone, duplex communication technology permits simultaneous transmissions of two messages in opposite directions over a single channel. Benefits of this technology include the ability to override discussions to highlight urgent, unforeseen safety hazards.
• Multiple System Configurations: Flexible system configurations allow up to 40 team members to participate in a workgroup. The transceiver’s design allows members to join and drop out of conference duplex discussions automatically as members stop talking.
• External Connectivity: Selected two-way radios can be integrated into a system configuration by using the DC2815 bas/portable.
• Short range communication system: The nominal working range is approximately 250 metres outdoors in line of sight. 50 meters indoors in line of sight. The working range may be shorter due to actual conditions.
• Headset Options: Compatible with multiple Peltor headset models.
• To cover smaller areas (kb. 100 meters)
• In a Dect-Com II system 1 pc DC2812 is needed besides of a DC2811
• DC2064 charger holder shall be ordered separately

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