Triax KOKA F6 Plus PVC White Cable

Triax KOKA F6 Plus PVC White Cable

Key features of Triax KOKA F6 Plus PVC White Cable

鈥 Triax KOKA F6 Plus is a premium cable for in-house installations
鈥 Designed with a copper-clad steel (CCS) centre conductor for high mechanical strength
鈥 Shielding: Alu/PET
鈥 Inner conductor: 1,02 卤 0,03 mm
鈥 PVC material UV protected
鈥 Impedance: 75 卤 3 惟
鈥 Attenuation at:
-5 MHz: 2.4 dB / 100 m
-50 MHz: 5.0dB / 100 m
-200 MHz: 9.0 dB / 100 m
-470 MHz: 15.2 dB / 100 m
-862 MHz: 19.0dB / 100 m
-1000 MHz: 21.5 dB / 100 m
鈥 Application: indoor
鈥 Color: white

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 0.33鈧 (Net price: 0.26鈧)
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Further details of Triax KOKA F6 Plus PVC White Cable

鈥 The wide frequency range allows the cable to transmit signals for television, radio, satellite receiver, etc.

Its wide frequency range allows cable to transmit signals to television, radio, satellite receivers, etc., regardless of whether the signal comes from satellite, terrestrial antenna or cable TV.

This cable has been designed with a copper clad steel (CCS) centre conductor, which provides high mechanical strength. Thanks to the gas injection foam, which is much better than chemical foam, the copper cladding transmits signals without high losses. A good quality conductor and a suitable gas-injected dielectric ensure a speed ratio higher than 80%.

The PVC material is UV protected, so the cable remains white for a long time in sunny and hot weather.

For outdoor installation, we specifically recommend PE jacketed coaxial cables as this material is simply more resistant to weather conditions.m CPR compliant - Eca fire classification according to EN50575 fire standard

Suitable for:
鈥 F-compress 5/7 Triax Nitin
鈥 F-compression connector CX3 4.9 SC short, box of 100
鈥 F-Compression connector CX3 7.0 QM (Quick-mount) with O-ring, box of 50
鈥 F compression fitting EX 6-49/83
鈥 F compression fitting F56-CX3-5.1, box of 100
鈥 F-crimp connector F56-ALM 5.1/8.4, box of 100
鈥 F-Self-install connector F56-5.1 blue, 100 boxes
鈥 F-screw on connector FFV 201 脴 6,7-6,8, 50 pcs.
鈥 F-bolt on SFC 045 connector
鈥 F-bolt on SFC 070 connector
鈥 IEC - Self-assembly plug 56/5.1, angled, nut
鈥 IEC - Self-assembly plug 56/5.1, angle, female
鈥 IEC - Self-assembly plug 56/5.1, straight, female
鈥 IEC - Self-assembly plug 56/5.1, straight, male
鈥 IECF 90
鈥 IECM DR - Self-assembly 5.1
鈥 KOK 3 IEC coaxial plug, female
鈥 KOKWI 3 IEC coaxial plug, oblique, female
鈥 KOS 3 IEC coaxial plug, male
鈥 KOSWI 3 IEC coaxial plug, oblique, male
鈥 F compression connector EX 6-49 NT Plus