Sirena E-Tube 3 RLED Amber Light Bar

Sirena E-Tube 3 RLED Amber Light Bar

Key features of Sirena E-Tube 3 RLED Amber Light Bar

• Approved amber light bar with permanent mount
• LED rotating effect amber light bar with polycarbonate dome and aluminum profile
• Supplied with 4 optical modules that each includes 8 pcs LED light soure
• Maximum current: 0.8A @ 12Vdc
• Dimensions: 153mm height, 755mm width, 140mm depth
• Revolutions per minute: 130 RPM (+/- 10)
• Confirms with IP55 standard
• ECE R65 and EMC certifications
• This product works with both 12Vdc and 24Vdc power source
• This product is also available with flashing effect LED light
• The E-Tube light bars are avalable with various lengths and mount types with halogen or LED light sourse
• The picture and the price refers to the 12/24Vdc, permanent mount, rotating effekt LED version 21363 article number

Gross price (including 27% VAT): 693.63€ (Net price: 546.17€)
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