Installing emergency lights and signals

We undertake the installation of emergency lights and signals into special vehicles and cars with our specialist. With many years of experience and wide reference list our professionals implements individual needs in the short terms in our workshop in Budapest. If required, we undertake local installation throughout the country at short notice.

Over the past 15 years, the work carried out for the Hungarian law enforcement agencies and special services enrich the reference list of our service centre:
  • Budapest Police Department,
  • National Police Department,
  • National Directorate General for Disaster Management,
  • Customs and Finance Guard,
  • Metropolitan Fire Department,
  • Heim Pál Children’s Hospital,
  • Directorate of Water Management,
  • Vízügyi Igazgatóság,
  • Budapest Electric Works

We provide to our customers the professional experience of more than 10.000 installed vehicles from the past 15 years.

We are exclusive distributor of the American SoundOff Signal emergency light and signals since the end of 2009 which stands out in the market with outstanding quality and LED technology. Our company is an official reseller and installation partner of CODE3, Sirena and Strobos emergency lights and signals.