Icom Radio Products and Accessories

Icom has a wide range of PMR446 unlicensed walkie talkie radios and licensed industrial professional two-way transceivers. The manufacturer offers industrial band radios in analogue and digital radio modes, from entry level models to full-keyboard versions. Icom's handheld and mobile marine radios are popular among sailors, while aviation transceivers are popular among pilots and ground crews interested in flying. Both marine and aviation radios are required to have radio licence to use. With amateur license the manufacturer's handheld, mobile and desktop amateur radios are available on HF / VHF / UHF bands with digital mode. Communication receiver radios are scanners with only receive mode up to 3Ghz. The complete range of manufacturer's accessories for these radios are available at our company, which means all branded Icom accessories can be purchased from our company as long as they are available from the manufacturer.