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In our world of electric devices, energy is slowly becoming indispensable to our daily lives. These objects make life more convenient and easier, and we only have to worry about their energy consumption. We can use wall sockets to power our mains-powered devices and batteries for our smaller items. And the latter category is long past the days of fast-discharging pencil batteries and acid batteries with a hump.

Charging - when is the best solution?

Battery life has been extended and their recyclability has made them an environmentally friendly energy source. Rechargeable batteries, which pay for themselves in the long term, bring constant usability to our homes, as they can be recharged thousands of times. Thanks to their sealed system, gel batteries do not leak liquid, and their lifetime and safe use are superior to conventional batteries. Powerbanks act as a kind of external battery for our submersible smart devices, thanks to which our everyday energy consumption can now be stored in our pockets. And thanks to their shock and splash-resistant design, these durable external batteries provide us with long-lasting power even outdoors.

There are many things in a modern household that can be powered by batteries, but let's see when to choose!


The most common household energy source, you can literally never run out of. When you think about how many things in your home are battery-powered, it's easy to see why you should never run out. From remote controls to wall clocks and scales to children's toys, we use batteries to power essential household appliances. We may need more than one battery at a time to power them, and it's also a good idea to plan ahead for a supply. Although a good quality battery can now last for several years, they always start to go flat at the worst possible moment, so it's good to have a few spare batteries at home.

Which battery to choose?

Carbon-zinc cell batteries are no longer recommended, so make sure you buy alkaline or lithium batteries. These have a much longer life and will not leak after discharge, which could damage the device. The shape of the battery is also important. Pencil batteries (AA) are the most commonly used, but there are also micro-ceramic batteries (AAA), button batteries and goliath batteries. Always check carefully what you need before buying.

Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries offer significant long-term advantages over their conventional counterparts. The primary consideration is cost-effectiveness, as a rechargeable battery is significantly more expensive and may be worth buying into our most commonly used electronic devices. They can cost up to ten times more than a conventional battery, but have a lifetime of several hundred recharges. Because they require very little energy to charge, their lower consumption will save you money in the long run. Their longer life also means they are more environmentally friendly than their simple counterparts.

Gel battery

A gel battery does essentially the same as the plain acid version, but better and safer. Thanks to the gel-coated layer between the cells, the liquid inside the battery will not leak, even in the event of severe shocks. They require minimal maintenance, but still have a significantly longer lifespan than conventional batteries. They also have minimal smoke emissions, so they can be used in unventilated areas and charged anywhere.


A powerbank is now an almost indispensable accessory in every modern person's toolbox. It's an external battery that can be used to keep your smart devices from running out of power wherever you are. Its compact design means you hardly notice it's with you until you need it. Unlike spare batteries, a device like this can be used regardless of the type, plugged into anything from a mobile phone to a smartwatch or Bluetooth headset.

Portable battery

The absolute ruler of the battery, battery category, giving you and your devices up to two days of free power. With one of these, we're really serving household quantities, with a battery life of nearly 53 hours. Its lifetime is five times that of smaller batteries. Its state-of-the-art rechargeability means it can be charged from the mains, cigarette lighter or solar panel. Its IP44 protection makes it splash and shock resistant, making it an excellent choice for hikers and travellers with a mobile lifestyle.

DND Telecom's range covers the entire spectrum of the battery category, from a simple pencil battery to a portable battery that can power the whole family. Depending on the type, our products come with a warranty of up to several years.