3M Peltor Radio Hearing Protector (discontinued)

3M Peltor Radio Hearing Protector

Key features of 3M Peltor Radio Hearing Protector

• 3M™ PELTOR™ FM-radio can help improving safety and motivation for users in noisy conditions. If you want to protect your hearing and listen to the radio without outside interruption this is a good hearing protector for you
• Built in FM-radio receiver
• Extra wide, soft, padded head band distributes weight while two-point suspension exerts low pressure for comfortable, long-term use
• Battery lifetime approximately 140 hours
• A separate audio input enables connection with MP3 player or two way radio equipment
• Frequency tuning control
• On/Off & volume control
• Attenuation rating (SNR): 32dB

This product is not available.
Possible reasons that the product is not available from the manufacturer anymore or we decided to remove it from our product portfolio. We gladly help you to find the best optional product instead of this type, please contact us.

Further details of 3M Peltor Radio Hearing Protector

• Available in headband and helmet attachment options

The picture and the price refers to HRXS7A-01 type.