3M Peltor MT20H682BB-86N ComTac VI NIB Headset Green, Neckband (discontinued)

3M Peltor MT20H682BB-86N ComTac VI NIB Headset Green, Neckband

Key features of 3M Peltor MT20H682BB-86N ComTac VI NIB Headset Green, Neckband

• Allows two-way radio communication - Noise attenuation rating: 28 dB
• Power supply: 2x AAA batteries
• NIB function ("Natural Interaction Behavior") - enables direct full-duplex communication
• NIB frequency band: 864MHz: Europe / 915MHz: North America, Australia and New Zealand
• Battery life 30-50 hours
• Available with dynamic microphone
• IP68 protection
• Nexus TP-120 connector
• Weight: 313g
• IP68 protection

This product is not available.
Possible reasons that the product is not available from the manufacturer anymore or we decided to remove it from our product portfolio. We gladly help you to find the best optional product instead of this type, please contact us.

Further details of 3M Peltor MT20H682BB-86N ComTac VI NIB Headset Green, Neckband

• Water and dust resistant microphone, IP68 certified
• Special mode for listening to ambient noise - 4 pre-programmed settings for different noise profiles
• Wireless inductive audio input
• Foldable/removable microphone
• Earplug mode (allows additional earplugs to be worn while maintaining environmental friendliness and audio communication)
• Tested and certified to military standards
• Voice-operated menu
• Two-way radio communication

The 3M PELTOR ComTac VI NIB Headset is a reliable, rugged solution you can count on. With noise-canceling microphones, high fidelity speakers, and advanced digital signal processing, the ComTac VI headset provides a premier listening and communicating experience, both in and out of noise.

New with the 3M PELTOR ComTac VI Headset: Natural Interaction Behavior (NIB): Short-range, headset-to-headset communication in high noise environments without the use of an external communications radio. The NIB function allows for 4 team members to speak simultaneously and over 60 people to listen within a 5 meter radius. Audio transmit is activated by either a voice activated switch (VOX) for hands-free operation or by a push-to-talk button. A tactile button on the left ear cup easily allows the user to turn the VOX function on or off.Mission Audio Profiles (MAP): Advanced environmental listening settings that optimize the amplitude and frequency for specific conditions. The Mission Audio Profiles have been designed with a variety of combat and combat support operations in mind. The environmental listening feature, also known as “Talk-Through”, uses a proprietary digital audio circuit that allows safe audio sounds to bypass the hearing protection while still helping protect against harmful noises.

Protective communication solution for clear communication in noisy environments.

NIB (Natural Interaction Behavior) wireless technology enables peer-to-peer headset communication

Environmental microphones for level-dependent hearing protection and auditory situational awareness.

Water and dust-proof noise-cancelling microphone (IP68) for clear speech transmission in noisy and harsh environments.

Advanced environmental listening modes (Mission Audio Profiles or MAP) that optimize the auditory experience based on specific external conditions.

Rugged 3M PELTOR Design for trusted performance.