Albrecht Tour Guide PMR Radio Set (Tour Guide System) (discontinued)

Albrecht Tour Guide PMR Radio Set (Tour Guide System)
Albrecht Tour Guide PMR Radio Set (Tour Guide System)Albrecht Tour Guide PMR Radio Set (Tour Guide System)

Key features of Albrecht Tour Guide PMR Radio Set (Tour Guide System)

• Tour guide system specifically designed for guiding groups of tourists
• Small and lightweight radios
• 3 different modes (continuous, VOX, PTT)
• Fully programmable
• Range up to 2 km
• Connection of external unit (e.g. mp3 player)
• Set consists of 1 ATT100 PMR446 transceiver radio and 12 ATR200 PMR446 receiver radios (+ headsets, chargers and other accessories)

This product is not available.
Possible reasons that the product is not available from the manufacturer anymore or we decided to remove it from our product portfolio. We gladly help you to find the best optional product instead of this type, please contact us.

Further details of Albrecht Tour Guide PMR Radio Set (Tour Guide System)

Possible uses:
• tourist groups
• events, sport events
• driving schools, car-motorcycle races
• companies, organizations
• leisure activities, tours
• guiding system for group driving

The Tourist set:

• The kit has been specially developed to meet the needs of group drivers.
• Specially designed for tour guides.
• Light as a feather weight
• Reliable PMR446 technology (free of charge)
• Easy to handle
• Up to 6 hours of continuous transmission
• Crystal-clear sound quality in noisy environments thanks to advanced microphone technology
• Wide range of applications

ATT100 transmitter for the hiking guide:
• Very small size, can be worn on a belt or around the neck
• 10 + 10 pre-programmed speech channels (1-10 channels with low output power up to 200 m, 11-20 channels with normal output power up to 2 km range)
• Continuous transmission with low RF output power 3 hours operating time, high RF output power 6 hours operating time.
• 24 hours operation in stand-by mode
• 4 levels of low battery voltage indication
• Stereo headset jack for connecting external units (playback of pre-recorded text or music via MP3 player.)
• Headset connector: 4-pin, 3.5 mm
• 3 different modes of operation: continuous transmission, voice control (VOX), PTT (push to talk) control
• Frequency: 446 MHz (free PMR band, free of charge)
• 1200 mAh Li-ion battery
• Size: 83x52x27 mm (antenna: 78 mm)
• Weight: 150 g

ATR200 receiver for the guest
The receiver is the smallest and lightest device currently on the market, which can be easily carried with a slim neck strap. The receiver is the smallest and smallest receiver with a compact size. The THS01 hygienic headset is easy to clean and comfortable to wear.

Key features:
• Extremely small (6 cm) and light as a feather (40g)
• 10 pre-programmable channels
• Channel coding
• Low noise (no crackling or humming)
• Easy to operate (3 buttons)
• Large display
• Multifunctional LED display (operation, charging, reception)
• Key lock
• USB charger for simultaneous charging of 2 ATR100 (max. 6 hours charging time)
• Micro-USB headset (THS01) with hygienic, cleanable plastic coating and spiral cable for comfortable wearing, optional or included depending on the version
• Frequency: 446 MHz (freely programmable)
• 40 CTCSS/83 DCS, computer programmable
• 850 mAh Li-ion battery with built-in short circuit fuse
• Size: 58x37x15 mm (antenna: 24 mm)
• weight: 40 g
• Reception time: min. 10 hours / standby: 24 hours
• 4 levels of low battery voltage indication
• LED indicator (operation, charging, reception)
• Micro-USB connector for charging (new standard for mobile phones)

This kit includes the following
• 1 ATT100 transmitter with GHS01 headset for the group leader
• 12 ATR200 receivers with THS01 headset for guests
• 1 headset with headband boom microphone for the leader
• 12 listening-only headsets with earpiece for listeners
• 6 Y-ATR01 Y charger cables that can charge 2 receiver radios simultaneously
• 6 AC wall adapters CH-ATR01
• 12 neck straps for ATR100 radio
• 1 bag ATR-12 in which all this fits

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