DC/DC Voltage Stabiliser

The essence of voltage stabilizers is that they can provide a stable electrical supply to devices and equipment connected to the electrical network, even in the event of a voltage deviation, so that they receive the voltage required for optimal operation. The stabiliser thus ensures that they are adequately protected and prevents overheating or other harmful consequences due to overvoltage.

How does a voltage stabiliser protect our electrical equipment?

The device is able to provide a balanced, constant voltage on the output side even if the input voltage is fluctuating. This is important because all electrical devices, be they fridges, plasma TVs, air conditioners or even car radios, are designed to operate optimally at a certain so-called operating voltage.

However, the input voltage may fluctuate for some reason. This can be traced back to the electricity supplier, but it is more likely to be caused by ageing faulty wiring in the household electrical network. But it can also be caused by a lightning strike, a short circuit or a sudden increase or decrease in load, which can take the form of overvoltage or undervoltage. A similar situation can also occur with the start/stop function of a vehicle.

However, all electrically powered equipment needs a stable power supply, and a voltage stabiliser is designed to provide this.

The operation of a voltage stabiliser is essentially simple, as it has only two functions: to reduce the voltage in the case of overvoltage and to increase it in the case of undervoltage. When connected in front of electronic devices, it provides them with effective protection, extending their lifetime and promoting balanced, reliable operation.

Where can a voltage stabiliser be used?

It is useful almost anywhere where any electronic device is in operation. Modern machines are becoming smarter and more versatile, but at the same time they are becoming more prone to failure, more sensitive to varying voltages and EMC interference.

However, for non-office or domestic use, it may be worth plugging one into a car, especially in front of a more modern and capable electric radio.

Newer cars almost invariably have a start/stop system. The idea is that it stops the car's engine if it comes to a complete stop, for example at a red light or while tailgating in traffic. The system has a number of advantages in terms of reducing fuel consumption and the associated emissions, but it can understandably cause voltage fluctuations.

The device also protects the car radio from the harmful effects of voltage variations in these situations, including when the engine is started. In many cases, the loss of current may be able to freeze the processor of the equipment, which may require only a reset at best or a complete reprogramming at worst.

The Alfatronix DC-DC voltage stabilizer protects your electrical equipment

Alfatronix DDi series products provide effective protection against varying voltage and EMC interference, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply for your appliances. The models in our webshop range are available from 36-240W and all feature advanced switch-mode and surface-mounted circuit technology and galvanically isolated earthing. To ensure reliable and effective protection for your electrical equipment, browse the voltage stabilizers available from Alfatronix!