Alan KW 520 SWR / Power Meter (discontinued)

Alan KW 520 SWR / Power Meter

• Frequency: 1.8-525 Mhz
• Impedancia: 50 Ohm
• Power display range: 5 / 200 / 200W
• Minimum power at SWR measurement: 1-4W
• Insertion loss: less than 0.2dB
• Measurement function: forward RF power, reflected RF power, SWR, PEP monitor
• Display illumination: Meter illumination and LED function display require external DC13.8V power supply
• Accuracy: :±10%
• Connection: UHF-female
• Dimensions: 155 x 63 x 103 mm
• Weight: 630 g

This product is not available.
Possible reasons that the product is not available from the manufacturer anymore or we decided to remove it from our product portfolio. We gladly help you to find the best optional product instead of this type, please contact us.


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