Motorola Professional Two Way Transceiver Radios

The Motorola brand is a benchmark in the professional two-way radio market. They offer analog and digital handheld radios as well as desktop and in-car transceivers. Newer MotoTRBO-branded models are able to operate in digital mode in addition to their traditional analog mode. Depending on the model, this can be achieved either with the purchase of a license or without it since the device is already digital capable with out a license to be purchased. This also means that MotoTRBO radios are now capable of digital mode on a hardware basis. Motorola also offers a wide range of analog / digital two-way repeaters in the VHF and UHF bands for repeaters. Motorola’s VX and EVX series transceiver radios are part of the manufacturer's portfolio after the acquisition of the manufacturer’s Yaesu Vertex business, which provides an entry-level model offering in the professional two-way transceiver market.