Icom HF Mobile Transceiver Radios

• Rx: 0,5-29,9999MHz; Tx: 1,6-29,9999
• 3 types of controller configuration (controller attached, detached controller, command microphone) (The price may vary according to the configuration!)
• GPS receiver can be connected
• Built-in DSP processor
• ALE, selective call, SSB, AM, CW, data communication
• Maximum 125W RF output power
• Confirms with IP54 standard (dust-protection and water resistant)
• Equivalent to MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, and F requirements
• For export purpose only
• The price referres to command microphone version.

Price: call us!
Icom's professional shortwave HF radios are available in several control configurations. (with connected hand-held microphone, remote-controlled hand-held microphone, detachable front panel) The manufacturer's decades of experience and three decades of presence on the market of the domestic distributor guarantee that by choosing the Icom brand, you will vote for a reliable radio in the long run.