Alfatronix AC-DC Power Supplies and DC-DC Voltage Converters

The English Alfatronix manufactures a number of electronic products. Whether it’s critical radio communications, data transmission, visual displays or the installation of navigation equipment, Alfatronix products are an excellent choice. Be it on a truck, bus, fire truck or even a luxury yacht. Even the best product or the latest technology is just as good as its power supply. A faulty power supply or voltage converter means a faulty system. That’s why Alfatronix works only on modern, rigorously tested designs, with automated assembly techniques and an award-winning quality manufacturing system. Alfatronix offers a wireless Qi charger or USB charger for buses and cars, a voltage converter, a low voltage disconnector (battery guard) and a power supply for communication, marine and rail applications. Alfatronix products are made to the highest quality in their factory in England.